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Silence wrote in his electronic notebook to express his thoughts. One could feel a chilling coldness from his words, though he didn't express himself verbally.


"Would you like to see it?" A soldier asked, and Han nodded. He wasn't so interested in Laocha's remarkable activities of the jungle, but interested in seeing an actual movie.


Han had no thoughts to carry out today's battle with a lack luster lazy battle plan. They're trying to make me fail so that I lose my confidence and get myself stuck into a slump.' Wuxiaworld for visiting.


Canute was courageous and mentally strong. He was born in a fishing village of Norway. He had been able to build a raft during the deserted island drill to escape due to his experience at the fishing village.


This was the first time Kuro had focused all his strength toward his own psychic powers like this. The fishes movements seemed to flash in his mind like instinct. He understood which direction the fish would move by reflex.


Han's heart pounded. He didn't know that he would get to pilot a psychoframe so quickly. He listened to Octo's explanations as he fully equipped Oldman. He had to equip and secure each body part one by one.

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Kuro was different from the other youths of Ark. His sensitivity didn't match this war scene. Han only came to realize after repeatedly experiencing real battle. It was a brutal path that Kuro wouldn't be able to endure.


Han was a considerate person. It was a rare character for someone his age.


It seems he had already been informed of his promotion to class A on the next round of transfers. Class B was filled with many factions vying for the class president position.


It was to the degree that Grace felt a bit embarrassed asking these types of questions to Han. Han articulated his answers clearly. On the contrary, he began to ask questions about the future.


The werewolf growled while swinging its arms. Han reflexively lowered his head. He grabbed one of the spears stuck to its back.


Light spilled out from the psychic crystal. The exact location did not matter, all the mage had to do was blow up the whole place.


Simon became fatigued from using too much of his psychic power and fell back, then another member from his squad came forward to cover for him. Squad 3 utilized all of Simon's strength to win this battle.



Han was a bit surprised. Kijo had kept his eyes on Han until the last moment. Amongst the chaos, he was able to make such a decision, that was quite amazing.



"It seems that minions have appeared from the area around the dimensional tear. What do you think this means? Speak freely without reserve."


The squad's steps stopped at the corridor intersection. Everyone's breath stopped. They stood with their backs to one another and watched across a corridor each.


The drill instructor said. Han stood up and commanded his squad. Everyone woke the person sitting next to them.

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